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A Simple Life – New Friends – And Old

Finn, Niamh and I spent yesterday morning with Marita and her girls, and Marita’s sister in law and her boys. There was playing, snacking, and even (shock!) stitching. Not much of that, mind you, but I gave a little bit of love to my Wee Beasties dragonfly. It was such a lovely morning, company and weather-wise, that I was reluctant to leave, but Finn needed to go to kinder, and Niamh to bed, so we had to head off all too soon. Hanging out for the next time! Funny, just a few short months ago, I was lamenting the fact that I didn’t have any crafty friends who also had kids of a similar age. I guess sometimes the universe takes notice 🙂

Then in the evening I spent a good long time on the phone to a close friend who I have been woeful at keeping in touch with these last few years (since I had babies and she went off to other parts of the world – if that sounds a touch green-eyed-monster-ish, it isn’t meant to!). She’s now back home(ish)… in Tasmania, and (surprise, Mel!) expecting her first baby in December. I’m so excited for her, and hoping to make plans to get there for a visit sometime in ’08.

Today’s pic is finally the promised photo of Elizabeth’s Designs A Simple Life. The grass at the bottom was kind of tricky – I didn’t want the variegation in the thread to come through in vertical or horizontal stripes, so I intentionally stitched ‘blocks’ of the grass at a time, trying to emulate dappled sunlight coming through the tree. Not quite sure it was 100% successful, but y’know, it looks okay, I think. And marks finish number 9 for 2007.

Show & Tell

With the exception of today, Melbourne put on a lovely show of weather this week. Yesterday afternoon, while Niamh was sleeping off a bad case of the grumpies (please let it be teething, oh please let it be teething – I can’t cope if she’s going into the tantrummy-twos already), Finn and I sat under this:

Finn (with liberal amounts of help) worked on this:
I worked on this:
(which incidentally I finished off tonight, but the photos I took were a bit on the crappy side, so I’ll have another try in some decent light over the weekend).

Later, I went along to this (you can spot me in one of the pics on the blog if you squint), and I stitched on this for a bit:

Fun fun. The design is an ’06 Christmas freebie by Hillary Lang, and there is a matching boy-elf, so I’ll be stitching the pigeon pair to make up as Christmas gift bags for the kiddos. Cute, huh?

Have a great weekend – we’re off up north to celebrate Fathers’ Day with multiple fathers!

Like a Machine, I Am!

Or so said OtherHalf last night… and before minds fall into the gutter 😛 , what he actually said was “you’re a cross-stitching machine”! Here’s why:

Friday-Sunday: Elizabeth’s Designs Little Leaf Designs – Butterfly
Sunday-Monday: Teresa Wentzler’s Intermediate Whitework Ornament (free on her website)
Monday-Tuesday: Indigo Rose Four Little Hearts freebie
Hopefully I’m about to become a dyeing machine again, because as of 8 this morning, I am in possession of a lot of floss 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hot Off the Q-Snaps

May I present Elizabeth’s Designs’ Celtic Cross, aka “My first finish of 2006, and about darned time” :giggle: I started this Monday night – a new start to celebrate finishing, of course, and finished it just now. I had to really buckle down at the end, I was seriously over that border. I didn’t time this, but I’d estimate there’s about 12-15 hours stitching in it.

Not sure exactly what I’ll stitch on next – I’m planning on joining in the Monday TW SALs, first off by stitching a fob for an exchange in the Aussie GTG group, and thereafter by starting the 12 Days ornaments. But I’m going to restrict those to Mondays, so I may very well treat myself to another new start tomorrow. Or even (shock!) pull out a long-ignored WIP.