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Dance With Me

Well it’s about time I had a HD! I’ve only finished 5 other pieces in 2005, now I can add another. Sadly, I can’t share it with you yet, but I can tell you it’s lovely. This is my piece for Annette, for the Seasonal Exchange. When she’s received it, I’ll post pics here.

On a related note… where does floss go? Is it the same place as odd socks and ball-point pens? I spent an hour last night looking through all my stash, WIPs and kitted projects, trying to find a skein of DMC712. I know I have it… I have every colour on stitchbows, I labelled every darn one myself. So where the heck is it? Eventually, I had to give up, and buy a new skein, at the outrageous price of $0.95. Grrr. I never like to pay full Australian price for floss. And don’t worry, I didn’t fall off the wagon for this – since it’s for gift stitching, it was an allowed purchase. Still annoyed me though.

Anyway, that’s #1 of my 3 planned HDs for my month off. Onwards and upwards!