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Stick A Fork In Me, I’m Done


There is a seriously anticlimactic feel to this day. Partly because I finished on an easy unit and not a difficult one (brought about because I had Finn and took a leave of absence, and then did things a bit out of order). Partly because the exam was a bit… odd, in parts. Not that it was particularly difficult – I only needed about 90 minutes for the 3 hour exam. But there were obscure questions worth more marks than they should have been, and poorly worded questions where I felt it necessary to state my assumptions just in order to answer. And the lecturer came and read over my shoulder for a good five minutes, which I found terribly distracting, until I actually had to ask her to leave!

Anyway, it’s done and gone. I felt quite overwhelmed as I left. Relieved, yes, definitely, for the shedding of all the stress. A little bit sad, for the leaving behind of a big part of my life these last three years. Proud of myself, for having set my mind to do this, and having done it well. And just a pinch of “Well, what next…?” :giggle: As I said to a friend a short time after the exam – this is officially the first time since starting primary school that I have been neither employed nor studying! Not sure how I’ll adjust to that, but I’m sure it will be nice for a while.

So… in case you’re wondering… although it isn’t official until about April when I get the bit of paper (and technically, it’s not even slightly official until next week when the results are out)… I have just completed one of these:

Master of Technology (Internet and Web Computing)

(or, for less of a mouthful, an MTech(IWEB))

Whoohoo! 馃槅

25 Questions: 6-10

Before I get to the next set of questions… the exam went well. It was a satisfying exam, in that it was solid and comprehensive, and I think I performed well on all the sections. I am so pleased to be on a break now though. With any luck, next semester should be less horrible than this.

In other business, for Cathy, here’s a pic of my Storyteller. I’ve done a little bit more since this picture was taken – backstitching the top border – which gives it wonderful definition. After the Annual stitchalong (this weekend), I’ll take another picture.

And now to the next batch…

6. What is your favourite stitched piece?
Um er… well, I described WFS as my favourite WIP recently, and that will probably be my favourite when finished. But for the time being, my favourite finished piece would probably be Celtic Christmas. I don’t have a good deal of finished pieces yet 馃檨 … soon.

7. What is your favorite fabric?
Quaker cloth. It’s 55% linen, 45% cotton, has the appearance of 100% linen, but is a fraction cheaper, and in my opinion, nicer to stitch on (a softer handfeel). It’s also what I’ve been doing my hand-dyeing on, and I’m very happy with the results – a little more subtle than 100% linen.

8. What is your favorite fiber?
I’m not sure I really have a favourite fiber. I love to stitch with silks, but the designs I stitch don’t call for silks much, which I’m fine with, due to the extra cost. Variegated cottons are fun, I like trying to predict how the variegations are going to fall. And although metallics are sometimes a pain to stitch with, I love the result. Of the metallics, Rainbow gallery petite treasure braid is my all time favourite, it is simply lovely to stitch with, and has a beautiful shine to it.

9. What is your favorite needle?
According to my records from the last 2 times I bought needles, Piecemaker Needles tapestry #26! I do have some #28s, but they’re mostly too fine for my liking. I think I also have some John James needles hanging around. I use Beading Needles (size #10) for beading, the ones I have are blunt-ended, not sharp. They go through delicas, and most Mill Hill beads. I hate the really fine, supersharp beading needles, that’s just a recipe for disaster in this house!

10. Do you prefer black & white or colored charts?
Black and white, hands-down. Colour charts, ick, ack, euw :yuk:

{still to be continued…}

25 Questions: 1-5

At the exact time this blog entry is posted, I will have just started reading time for the Intelligent Web Systems exam. How is this so? I love this tricky little feature – just alter the timestamp of the post, Publish, and the post will show up after the given time. Nifty!

Anyway, I’m pinching the 25 Questions about Stitching from Belinda’s blog (among other places). I don’t plan to fill my blog with memes, but I think since it’s primarily a stitching blog, these questions are probably worth answering, just so you know. But I’m not going to do them all at once, oh no. Five at a time… you’ll just have to come back to read the rest of the answers later :giggle:

1. How old were you when you started cross stitching?
When I was 12 or 13, my Aunt gave me a stamped cross stitch kit (I know – :yuk:). It was a daisy pattern, to be made up into a cushion. That was also my first colour conversion – I’m not that crazy about oranges and yellows, so I changed them for pink and purple. Amazingly enough, I believe I finished that project… I’ve no idea what happened to it since though.

2. Who taught you to cross stitch?
I did! Well, I guess the instructions did, but nobody specifically showed me how to make an x.

3. What inspired you to begin cross stitching?
After that stamped kit, I was an on-again-off-again stitcher until about 4 years ago. Mainly because I picked too-hard charts. I bought Teresa Wentzler’s Spring Carousel Horse, and later, Mirabilia’s Garden Verses and Winter Queen. None really qualify as beginner designs, and while I had big ambitions, I just didn’t have the patience for these big designs. Finally, at 25, stressed-out by work, I found some freebies on the ‘net (Ellen Maurer-Stroh) , and took it up as relaxation. I found TW’s freebie Stretch around the same time, and subsequently the TWBB, and ebay, and… well, you get the idea. My stash came into being, and I have never looked back.

4. What has been your most difficult cross stitch piece?
So far, I would have to say Stretch. I know he’s only small, but for me it was the first time doing loads of fractionals, and blends. My most difficult in progress is TWs Storyteller, for the same reasons, but on a much bigger scale.

5. Do you have friends that stitch?
I introduced Mum to cross-stitching after she became interested in surface embroidery. Her fabric stash is a great resource! I have 2 friends who stitch – but one is in the UK now, and the other doesn’t get a lot of stitching time, so no SAL-ing for me (other than with online friends).

{to be continued…}

Grrr Argh!

Am totally irritable today. Like PMS without the M. My studying is erratic because of it, and I just can’t get into any sort of groove. Minor little issues from a couple of BBs are getting under my skin, so procrastinating on there is not even helping 馃槨 So instead, I’m day-dreaming about my month off 馃槅

Exam number two is on Monday evening. Evening! An exam that starts at 5.45pm! Crazy behaviour. My plan on finishing that is to come home, open a bottle of red wine, and have a long, long bath. I’m not even going to stitch that night (or at least, not much!) I plan on getting the first of many early nights – at least pre-11pm, I hope. Not having enough sleep lately (…for the last 6 months) is no doubt contributing much to my current mood.

For the time I have off, I have 3 planned stitching finishes:

  • Something secret… for my seasonal exchange partner. It’s approximately half stitched, but I have some fancy ‘finishing’ to do on it as well.
  • Little Angel Birth Sampler, for an expected nephew. This will only be a near-finish… obviously I’ll have to wait for the name/date/details to stitch on later.
  • Waiting For Ships. Waiting to be finished. This will be my first Mirabilia finish, despite having bought my first two Mira charts some ten years ago! There will be much rejoicing!

After that I plan to have another attempt at setting up a rotation. I expect it will all turn to mud again in the first month or so of my next semester, but I do hope to get a bit more stitching done in the 2nd half of the year than I have in this. The focus piece of my rotation will probably be the dreaded Noah’s Journey. It’s supposed to be a ‘birth’ piece for Finn. I might have mentioned he’s 2 and a half already. 馃槼 Oops! It’s such a pain to stitch (Dimensions colour chart, need I say more?), but I really do want to finish it. I’ll post a WIP picture here soon, but trust me, it’s not that impressive.

I also plan to do a bit more hand-dyeing. I have some white Quaker cloth and some Cashel (I think), and I want to get a good colour for my planned Lilly conversion.

The most important non-stitching plan is a trip across to the Clare Valley (South Australia) for several days of camping and cellar door hopping. We haven’t done that since before Finn was born – that should be fun, what with the 10 hour drive each way :ill:

Anyway, I have to survive until Monday night first. Nose back to grindstone then… 馃檨

Good Riddance to SeC

Exam number one went better than could be expected, considering my lack of motivation to study for this one. I expect around 80-85 overall for the unit… better than I expected, but sadly a bit of a blemish on my overall program results (I would have been in raptures with an 80 in my undergraduate degree – I was far less conscientious back then :giggle: ). It’s a public holiday here tomorrow, so OtherHalf is home. I’m planning to head off to the library for a while to start reading up for exam number two.

But tonight, way hey, I’ve stitched! I think my goal of finishing WFS during my month off school is achievable, I really do. Last weekend I managed to sneak enough stitching around my exam revision (told you I wasn’t motivated 馃檨 ) to finish off her arms, and tonight I’ve stitched her face and neck. I toned down the “Adam’s apple” she seems to have. It’s one of the reasons I didn’t like this design at first. Added to the fact she has a fairly prominent chin, I felt it made her quite masculine. Come to think of it, she’s fairly flat chested as well. Hmmm… perhaps she’s a merman in drag?! Well, you’ve got to admit, it would explain that rather lurid shade of pink lipstick 馃槈 !

I’m teasing. Really, she’s very attractive. And now, with a smoother neckline (I didn’t alter the chin), I’m really glad I’m stitching her. The only thing bugging me now is that I’ve left all the beads for last, even though I swore I wouldn’t do that again after Celtic Christmas. I’m considering an alternative to YLI Invisible thread for stitching the beads on this time… I hate wrangling that stuff. I know some stitchers use blending filament, which is a bit more visible, and it gives a nice extra sparkle too. Perhaps I’ll try that.

FUWAT, Need a GLD*

So in case you didn’t gather already, I have an exam tomorrow afternoon – great way to spend a Saturday! Anyway, for fun (!) today, I wrote out a list of all of the acronyms I have to know and love in this unit (it’s “Secure E-Commerce”). Let me now present, for your viewing pleasure (and in no particular order): Acronym Hell!

B2B 路 B2C 路 C2C 路 G2B 路 G2C 路 TCP 路 IP 路 HTTP 路 FTP 路 SMTP 路 MAC 路 MAC (yes, a different one) 路 NIC 路 POP 路 IMAP 路 ICMP 路 SYN 路 ACK 路 DoS 路 DDoS 路 SQL 路 DNS 路 DES 路 DESede 路 IDEA 路 ECB 路 CBC 路 OFB 路 CFB 路 RSA 路 DSA 路 CA 路 PGP 路 GPG 路 DSE 路 SSL 路 TLS 路 WAP 路 WTLS 路 SCP 路 RFC 路 SOCKS 路 IETF 路 P3P 路 W3C 路 LAN 路 IDS 路 ARP 路 LDAP 路 AS 路 TGS 路 RADIUS 路 PHP 路 MD5 路 VPN 路 PPTP 路 L2TP 路 SET 路 SWIFT 路 RGP 路 EDI 路 ebXML 路 SOAP 路 UCE 路 XSS 路 RSS 路 XML 路 PDF 路 NFS

Actually, now that I type it all out in one block, it doesn’t seem so scary as it was in a long list. And yes, I do know what all these mean, and no, there’s no prize if you do too :giggle: You note that my handy dandy Acronym Replacer plugin is helpfully telling you what some of them are… but not all… gotta keep you guessing!

Here’s an interesting bit of guff I learned from wikipedia (knower-of-all-things) a while back:

an acronym is a pronounceable word formed from the initial letter or letters of the constituent words, such as NATO (nay-toe), and an initialism is an abbreviation pronounced as the names of the individual letters, and is formed only from the initial letter of constituent words, such as TLA (tee el ay).

Who knew! I thought they were all just acronyms. Anyhoo… off to study more, must turn brain into complete mush. Wish me luck!

*Fed Up With All This, Need a Good Lie Down!