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The owner of this hand turns 2 in a week. Can you believe it?!

Oh how I wish I got the focus right in this shot – she was moving so fast I took what I could. It’s an almost great photograph

Anyway. The lovely biscornu in Niamh’s hand came to me two weeks ago. It’s from Christine, and it is a simply beautiful Pay-It-Forward gift. So sorry Christine that it’s taken me so long to let you know it arrived, and that I love it. So nicely finished – be proud of yourself!


PS. I upgraded my WordPress installation and now my smilies are all blah. I just noticed this now, will work on it tomorrow!

Exchanges – More

As an addendum to yesterday Wednesday’s entry, the mail today brought my half of the Aussie TWBBers ornament exchange. Tannia stitched TWs Intermediate Whitework Ornament for me in great autumnal shades (click for more). Lovely – thanks Tannia 🙂

Edit: Did you see what happened there? I lost an entire day – here I thought I’d blogged yesterday, but it was in fact the day before. Hey! Somebody bring back my lost day!