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For Jenna

Cards for Jenna

Today’s Show & Tell comes to you courtesy of my ‘1000th comment giveaway’. Remember that, waaaay back in November? Nope, didn’t think so! Jenna had probably well and truly given up on me by the time her package arrived… this week! I have no good excuse – I had gathered together a little bunch of goodies months ago, but then wanted to make something to include as well… but seeing as I had lost my stitching-mojo along the way somewhere, I was stumped for awhile. Finally, finally, I settled on some personalised Gocco-printed stationery. I put together a little starry design based on Jenna’s blog theme, had lots of fun printing it up, packaging it all together in little organza bags, and finally got that package off. I’m so glad it has arrived, Jenna, and so glad you like everything 🙂

Oh, and can I just say for the rest of you – I am sorry about these pictures. I was trying to finish everything up while Niamh was napping that day, and I just didn’t manage to get the best photographs. You’ll just have to believe me when I (very modestly) tell you these look so much better in the flesh!

Cards for Jenna

(Stars courtesy of the 90 Stars BRK font found at Da Font)

Pre-Christmas Crafting

I didn’t pledge handmade this (past) Christmas, but as it turned out, many of our gifts were handmade anyway. First there were these, next up were a couple of bags for some more small friends of ours. This one:
Library bag for Mr G

using that ubiquitous mushroom fabric, was for a five year old boy, and was given as a Library bag, complete with new book inside. The other:

Bag and Bunny for Miss A

I made for his sister, who is three months younger than Niamh. The bunny pattern came from here; the bags I made up as I went along. I was quite pleased with these, and I think the recipients were happy too 🙂

Next came a wild burst of kitchen activity (mostly by Dermot, I do admit), and some playing with my new toy for labelling and packaging, to create the fabulous boxes of goodies for our families:

Christmas Goodies

All boxed up

Gocco Printed Xmas Cards

(Inside: Orange cordial, Spiced nuts, Mexican drinking chocolate, Dried Mango, Cranberry & Pistachio biscotti, Orange spiced tea blend – all handmade; and a teatowel – which we did not make ourselves!)

Finally, at the eleventh hour (the night before Christmas Eve), I managed to squeeze in some homemade goodness for my own kiddos. I finished up the stitching of ElfGirl and ElfBoy, and made them up into a couple of simple drawstring bags. In hopes of starting off a new Christmas tradition (which I kept hearing about on various blogs), these held brand new PJs for Christmas Eve. Here they are under the tree:

Xmas PJ Bags

Oh, and lest I forget, somewhere in there, I also managed to whip up Finn’s party cake:
Bowling Party cake

I made up a packet teacake for this, as everyone knows kids only eat the (hideously sugary buttercream) icing and leave the rest. For his actual birthday, I made a more grown up cake – a rich, moist, dark chocolate cake covered in ganache and silver cachous… but forgot to take a photo, d’oh!

Next up, post-Christmas crafting 🙂