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My first ever proper grown-up needleroll! With hemstitch and a French seam and everything 🙂 Okay, so the hemstitch needs work, and I stuffed up my French seam slightly (even though I know how to do that). But still, it came out pretty spiffy, if I do say so myself.

I stitched this for Karen after she was let down in “Melanie’s exchange”. It’s stitched with one of my hand-dyes, delica beads to match, and some plain ol’ dmc greens. This is a free design – Victorian Silk Needleroll by Liz Navickas, and you can find it on Kreinik’s site, here. It was loads of fun to stitch. I was so unsure about the colours I chose, but they grew and grew on me as I was stitching… so much that I almost wanted to keep it for myself! I may stitch it again some time.

Can’t Talk – Stitching

So I know you’re all on the edge of your seats waiting for that picture I promised! But to tell the truth, that ‘little bit of braid’ I had to stitch was almost the whole darn lot of the emerald #4 braid. I decided to wait until I’d finished it to get a picture, and, well, it took a whole darn lot of time. I don’t normally have an issue with stitching braid, but I’ve never stitched so much at one time (except on Celtic Christmas, where I used Petite Treasure Braid, which is a dream compared with Kreinik). Thank goodness for Thread Heaven and my needle threader, or I would have cursed more than I did! Anyway, the braid is finished now, but I’m too tired to get a picture, and besides, it will look better taken in daylight. So you’ll just have to wait some more… meanwhile, you can go check out Mindy’s HD of the same design, if you like 🙂

Oh, I also started the beading – I attached 30 or so beads before I decided they’re all coming off and being substituted. The petites are too small on my 28 count fabric, and in addition, the pale blue beads totally disappear on the colour. I’ve got a sizeable Delica stash, so I’m going to have a dig in that, and hopefully come up with some substitutes tomorrow, and begin beading in earnest. Fingers crossed I can still get this finished before next Thursday (back-to-uni).