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Two O’Clock and All’s Well

It’s safe to come back now, really 🙂 In fact, last night’s primal screaming was not about anything major, I’m perfectly fine. It just struck me, not really for the first time, but perhaps rather harder last night, that I am at a point in my life where I am without a sounding-board. You know, one of those close friends who you can always rely on to listen to a rant or five about whatever’s going on in life? Who may or may not give you advice, but will mostly just nod and at least pretend to agree with you? If I’m going to be really honest – someone you can bitch to without fear of repercussion!

As we get older, our lives get swallowed up by other things. Partners, careers, children, exciting travel (ha! Wishful thinking!). We cease to be good sounding-boards for our friends, and in turn they cease to be good sounding boards for us. Or vice-versa. Either way, I suddenly realised yesterday that the people I would previously have gone to for such needs have become less a part of my life now. Or they play different roles in my life. Still friends, but friends with different priorities.

Thus the screamage. Actually, you know, it would be really, really therapeutic to scream for real. But the society we live in now doesn’t really seem to have a place for that. Except perhaps the labour ward (and believe me, did I take advantage of that opportunity – it was extremely liberating!)

Anyway, I feel better, at least somewhat. Helping me out today are the fact that Finn is adapting well to the re-introduction of afternoon naps (for his sanity as well as mine), that I received stash in the mail (a wonderful kit from my Secret Stitcher), and that Debi made me the cutest little web-button: Million Stitches, which you too can steal if you want a super-special Million Stitches link on your site :giggle: I’m sitting here stitching the final parts of TWs Intermediate Whitework ornament in soothing shades of blue, and I have another HD from the weekend to share with you as well, at some point. But before that I’m planning to write a few long overdue emails to friends who deserve better from me.