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My Creative Space

My Creative Space March 25

My creative space has Grannies in it. I was packing up my Grannies. They were stacked so prettily. Then everything went awol…

My Creative Space March 25

Sigh. It is the end of a long week. A week in which those toes learned to step. And then to walk. And (before that perhaps?) to climb to lofty heights. There have been near misses (but Facebook friends will have noticed that I stopped mid-near-miss to get a photograph!) It has been a week of solo-parenting. Which I will never learn to love, but which I am learning to navigate more smoothly. It will be a welcome relief when Dermot gets in the door tonight. Even more welcome if he gets here in time for me to rush off to tonight’s Craft Bonanza (or at least a little bit of it.) See you there?

I’m rejoining Kirsty’s My Creative Space meme. See more spaces over at her place.

Playing Tag

About forever ago, four lovely bloggie girls tagged me with stuff, and I am terrible at playing tag (always was bad at sports!) and haven’t quite got around to my responses yet. So without (much) further ado, here is the mother of all meme-posts…..

Leechbabe Marita tagged me with an interesting ‘Favourite 5’ meme. I have to give you links to five of my previous posts, relating to 1) family, 2) friends, 3) myself, 4) my love, and 5)anything whatsoever. Hmmm, let’s see:

  1. Family: My babies… say ‘awwwww’.
  2. Friends: new and old ones.
  3. Me me me: Geez, pick a post at random. They’re all about me!
  4. My Love: Well now. It appears that I well and truly don’t write much about Dermot on here. That’s half intentionally, at least. How about a link to a post he wrote?
  5. Anything: I did love it when the 3-and-a-half year old learned to read. Ha!

(Going back through my archives made me realize that not only are many of my image links broken because I am too busy lazy to fix the mess made after a recent domain switchover, but also there is even more crap blogging here than I thought. Gah!)

That Rebel Rebecca tagged me with that 7 things meme that’s been thrice round the blogiverse in the last several months. Seven “weird or random” facts about me? Well hey, I’m no weirdy, so let’s just go for random:

  1. I like words with pleasing or unusual letter combinations. Like ‘-esce’ (mmmm, fluoresce, effervesce) or ‘ae’ (some of you know me as ‘chimaera’ elsewhere on the web. Encyclopaedia is another). Ooh, I like ‘subpoena’. An old party trick of mine used to be the ability to spell ‘subpoena’ whilst inebriated. (Ok, so I am a weirdy. And very very sad).
  2. Once upon a time, I briefly had a black belt in Karate. Actually, Zen Do Kai, which is not technically Karate, but an ‘open martial art’. I say briefly, because not long after obtaining said black belt, I moved from my home town to Melbourne to go to uni, and discovered boys and booze. And that, as they say, was that. (I did actually look for a new club but wasn’t really happy with the local club, or my after-dark transport options for getting to- and fro-. Going down the pub was far more appealing)
  3. My Honours degree was in Pharmacology. My thesis concerned Phenylketonuria (which I probably cannot spell whilst inebriated), and involved the dissection and sectioning of a lot of mouse brains. Mouse brains are really really cute.
  4. The only non-Australian country to which I have ever travelled is China. Unless you count Tasmania (hint: you don’t count Tasmania).
  5. I have a tattoo above my right ankle. I am convinced that you can tell the approximate age of a woman by the tattoo she has. Tattoos run in fads – roses, dolphins, butterflies, Chinese symbols. I have a dolphin. Damn I wish I had been more original!
  6. Seven years ago I almost qualified as a massage therapist. I completed the entire course with the (notable) exception of the final exam. Painful ganglia in my wrists and some nasty personal-life stuff got in the way, and I never went back.
  7. I edited my first Wikipedia page recently. It gave me a 15 second thrill of excitement… until some other user undid my edit! Shortly afterwards my edit was restored and an apology was forthcoming. I’m not telling you what I edited though, it’s a little creepy.

Aaaand, finally, both Missy and Christine presented me with ‘You Make My Day’ awards. Aw shucks. Thanks girls 🙂 And in passing it on, here are ten bloggers who make my day…

Loobylu (hooray, Claire’s back 🙂 )
Pip aka MeetmeatMikes
Wee Wonderfuls
Finslippy cracks me up!
Heather Bailey
Montessori by Hand
and lucky last… and best of all
all of my stitchy friends. You know I can’t choose between you, you all make my day! Awards all round, and chocolate eggs too 🙂

Now… another random fact: I’m finally finishing this up at (OMG!) 3.08am (the timestamp is out b/c of Daylight Savings Time). I’ve been having a few lie-awake-til-the-wee-hours nights lately, and I figured getting up and doing something productive some mindless blogging was a better plan. Hopefully now I can shut my brain up and get some sleep – gotta go be a Canteen Mum tomorrow 🙂