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My Creative Space

I wasn’t sure whether to show you this end:

Or this end (eeeek):

Of my creative space (aka “the ironing board”, and yes, that hideous green-ness is the ironing board cover, and yes, a new one is on my to-make list!) today! This spot has obviously become a dumping ground for the remains of projects past. It was actually worse than this! I had to move things to iron a pair of school pants for Finn this morning (it’s actually a rare occurrence that I iron clothes at all – but they were still damp!)

The Robert Kaufman music fabric up there is for a new bag for Finn’s piano books. They’re currently residing in last year’s school reader bag, which is becoming increasingly, embarrassingly decrepit. Must really get onto that. The other pending project involves cutting a matryoshka doll out of that fabric and appliqueing it onto a white tee for Niamh. I get fed up with all the pink-pink-pink-pink-pink-purple-pink of little girls’ clothing, so I’ve been meaning to do a few little things like this for her.

Oh, and while we’re here, how about a finished object from a couple of weeks ago? Here’s the patchwork ball I was working on in the car – it was surprisingly satisfying to hand-stitch something from start to finish. I need more handwork projects like this, I think.

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My creative space


…won’t be seeing much in the way of creativity today. There is more mess in my house than house, so I should probably do something about that instead. But I did want to show you my (other) new baby. I finally kicked my old Janome to the kerb a couple of weeks ago and bought something with bells and whistles. I confess, I really wanted a Bernina, but for the same bells and whistles, I would have had to pay twice the price, so this is my compromise, and I do really like it… so far. I’ve had not a lot of sewing time on it yet, obviously. But what could that be in the artfully blurred background? Could it be my (finished) blocks for the Oh Fransson! Quiltalong? Why yes, yes it could. Now I need to buy sashing, batting, backing & binding fabrics, learn to quilt on this new machine o’ mine, and I might actually turn out a quilt sometime soon! (Or not soon. You know. Either is good).

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Now… about that mess… :yuk:

My Creative Space


I know, I know, Kirsty’s Creative Space meme is for Thursdays, but I did take this yesterday, so it counts! I just wanted to let you all know that I’m here, still alive, and even still managing a little bit of creative this’n’that. Yesterday’s space was captured while I waited in the car outside school – Niamh had bombed out in the back seat on the way back from the shops (a rare occurrence, but the nap was much needed), and Rohan decided he needed cuddling to fall asleep (a frequent occurrence, nap also much needed). So I pulled out my new ‘car project’ to work on for half an hour. I’m playing copycat and making a patchwork ball, much like Christie’s. Look – it even (unintentionally) matches his outfit!

I have retro-blogging to do – pics of Rohan from his first month – it’s been a rollercoaster, but he’s adorable enough to forgive – and a recount of (the perfect) Mothers’ Day. But since I only seem to be able to grab 5 minutes here and there (gee, wonder why!), don’t go holding your breath!