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Stash Saturation Point

As I have every month since I discovered Hoffman’s, I checked the new releases the other day. I am happy to report that there was nothing added to my wishlist! Well, technically, I added Dimple Designs’ Ladybug and Bee collections, but I added those a few days earlier, when I saw them on the new Dimples’ website. I didn’t add the new Mirabilia to my list, or the new L&L, Celtic Winter. Even the new Elizabeth’s Designs selection didn’t really appeal, and she’s usually a favourite of mine.

Happily, this has been the case of the last few months. I think the serious stash explosion of 2003 and 2004 has brought me close to stash saturation point. I still do have a sizeable wishlist though, and being “on the wagon” for most of 2005 will probably cause it to grow into quite the shopping list for January 😆 But I think really I’m pretty happy with what I’ve accumulated.

Well… that’s the story of my charts, anyway! Fabric is a whole ‘nother story…definitely an area of my stash that needs some work :giggle: