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The Second First Quilt

Wait a minute… there are TWO quilts in this shot!


I also (finally) finished the First Second Quilt! Did you guess? I’m sure you did. It made an appearance or three in Brianna’s Craft Camp post, after all.

While we were there, once Quilt #1 was finished, I (finally) pieced up the back for this one, and then took advantage of all available hands to (finally) get it basted. The quilting and binding I (finally) completed last weekend. There was happy-dancing then, oh yes there was! Then I just had to wait for the misty-meisty Melbourne weather to let up for a bit so I could get a halfway decent photograph or two. And so…. (please to be excusing our hideously-neglected-because-it’s-winter “garden” in the background):

The front:


The back:


And the binding:


The design is the Mod Sampler Quilt by Elizabeth at Oh, Fransson. I found Elizabeth’s instructions provided a really clear walk-through for this very newbie quilter (though at the end, I decided against free-motion quilting, and just went for a simple diagonal grid instead).

I can say, now that it’s completely finished, I do love it. It just took me a while to get to the love. I think this is a successful ‘man’-quilt, for my littlest man (who is refusing to have a decent photograph taken today):


Now let’s see just how long it takes me to fulfil the quilty-requests of the rest of the family!

Could it be? Surely not…

It started here. Twenty-eight months ago, I first showed you the fabrics I’d picked out to start my first quilt. Somehow, even then, I knew that it would take a while. I knew, because I know myself, and how I have procrastinatory tendencies. Also, because I was more than eight months pregnant with my third child, at the time. I might have had an inkling that time was not going to be plentiful.

The plan was for a cot-sized quilt which would also do as a comfy couch-snuggling size, because, you know, I might have had that inkling… about the child being out of the cot (and the cot gone for good from this house – sniffle!) by the time I finished. I was right. Purposefully, I picked out non-babyish fabrics, for those reasons.

I buckled down relatively quickly, and the finished blocks were seen in the background of this post, a mere two months later. And then, uh, I stalled. What, with the baby and all, you know!

Come July 2010, and my first trip to Sewjourn, I pulled out all the bits and bobs, and finally finished me a quilt top. And then, uh, stalled. Again. This time, I think, because I was just a little bit not-in-love-so-far with my First Quilt. Hmmm.

So come early 2011, what am I do, of course, but start a Second Quilt. Naturally. Spotlight had 50% off jelly-rolls, you see, and my siren colours called to me! So I purchased, cut, pieced front, pieced back, and basted my Second Quilt. All in a matter of a week. (Despite, I might add, the atrociously poorly cut jelly roll. Siren colours or no, I won’t purchase another Spotlight jelly roll. Yuck!)

And then I stalled.

I am nothing if not consistent 🙂

Which brings us now to early-July 2011. A second trip to Sewjourn. The complete rundown of which may be found over at Brianna’s place (accompanied by far too many photographs of yours truly, I must say).

AND….. (bom bom bommmm…)

A finished quilt:

With a front:


And a back:


And (my very favourite part), some binding:


I might have had a wee tiny bit of unasked-for-help from the Craft Fairy with that lovely binding. The Craft Fairy has, I believe, learned her lesson, and won’t be doing that again 😆

It’s small, I grant you. About 110 x 130cm (talking about quilts in metric measurements – not the done thing, I know, but I only measured it just now, and all I had to hand was a 30cm ruler!) But it’s warm and cozy, and just right for two little people (or one slightly bigger one) to snuggle under on the couch, or just for me to put across my lap like a granny. And I love it! Hurrah for Second First Quilts!

(And for long-belated returns to blogging, too! There just might be a Part Deux to this story, by the way…)

Fabric With Intent

Quilt Fabric

I’m not quite sure how it actually happened. The stars aligned, or something. For ages I’ve been dithering about maybe possibly sometime making a quilt. Dithered and done nothing about it. Actually, I do have a few quilting books around the shelves. Also, a kit for a baby (girl) quilt, which Mum bought for me, and which I was supposed to make up for my niece (oops). But so far, I’ve essentially done nothing about the urge. Then I started to get a (late-pregnancy induced?) creative streak going, and then this started up, and then Amitie decided to have a sale, and so naturally the urge struck once more. So I hopped in the car today and headed out with a purpose. Some hours later (Amitie is quite the hike from here, and my poor heavily-pregnant lower back does not thank me for all that extra time in the car), I returned, bearing the goodies above. I’m not going to suggest that I’m 100% happy with my choices, but I am pretty close. The best bit is that I chose these, they didn’t come as part of a kit, they aren’t even all from the same range (though three of the prints are from ‘Another Iota’ by Robert Kaufman). For someone who considers herself pretty terrible at colour-pairing, I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Also, there were the contributing factors of a) having Niamh with me, and b) being restricted to one hour by my car park. (Actually, since Amitie has a dolls’ house and assorted goodies, Niamh wasn’t really the limiting factor). In the end, I decided to stop questioning my choices and just go with it. Now to get on and actually start cutting/sewing, and hopefully it will all turn out the way I envisage.

PS. The fabrics are better in real life than they look here on my screen. I fiddled the colours as much as Picasa would let me, but in reality they are richer, more vibrant than this. Better photos once the sewing is in process, I hope. Can’t seem to get any decent light into this house.