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Secrets & SBQ

I happy danced today, for the first time in a while. (Actually, I prematurely danced for this piece two days ago on the Rotation BB, but I had some finishing touches to apply.) I’m also very, very close to another HD. Unfortunately, I can’t share either one with you 🙁 So you’ll probably think I’m making it up or something, and that I don’t really actually ever stitch. Not true, not true!

The piece I finished today was a lot of fun to stitch, and very quick. I’d forgotten how much fun little stuff can be. Next year will be the year I finally start a rotation, and I’m definitely including small projects amongst my favoured ginormous ones 🙂

Which brings us to this week’s SBQ:

When you have almost finished a pattern and start thinking about the next one to stitch, how do you select it? (a list, most recent purchase, etc.)

When I’m stitching anything, I always seem to be wanting to stitch something else. This is why a rotation so far hasn’t really worked for me – I’m a screamer! Also, because I mostly stitch large projects, it seems I never finish anything. So while I probably should move on to an existing WIP when I finally have a finish, I usually don’t. I usually like to reward myself with a new start, because there’s nothing in the world like a new start!

My one bit of discipline is I don’t let myself start something similar to a current WIP. So if I already have a large TW, a large Mirabilia, a large Patricia Allison, and a large whatever else design on the go, I won’t let myself start another something large from those designers until I finish the one I’m working on. So lately, if I have a finish, I’ve been looking to start something smallish from my kitted up stash. While I don’t have an enormous backlog of fully kitted projects, I do have a nice selection, and I’ve got a few smaller projects waiting in the wings.

Ultimately though, what dictates what I start is a wallow in my stash. I love that – I go and put away whatever I’ve used for that finished project, and play in all my stuff for a while, and something usually jumps out and shouts “stitch ME” :giggle: Often I want to start something I’ve been given – if purely to prove to the giver that yes, I do actually want to stitch what you gave me 😆 I have a few charts in that category right now, and I of course want to start them all, right now!

Le sigh.

Wish I was stitching…