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Edited for Hormonal Imbalance

So I wrote out this whole post, and it didn’t start out in a bad place, but it ended up in one, so I’m self-editing, because who can trust a pregnant woman to make any sense, huh?

What I really wanted to say was, thanks for coming to my pity-party the other day. All hugs and premature congratulations much appreciated, and I’ll try not to do it again… much. (Fair warning though: see most of my last pregnancy!)

Minor important details I should probably dish out here are: I’m only 9.5 weeks so far, and I’m still (probably excessively) concerned about the slapped cheek virus and possible subsequent miscarriage. Lets keep all minor appendages crossed, shall we?

On another rant entirely, tomorrow, Finn’s school is having a ‘Footy Fun Day’ – an out-of-uniform-wear-your-team-colours kind of hullabaloo. Which is fine. Except you’re looking at one of the teeny-tiny-minority of families in Victoria who do not follow AFL! I know! The Shock! The Horror!

Anyway, Finn barely knows what ‘footy’ is, except what he hears from class mates (which is mostly along the lines of ‘you should… (follow x team/y team/collect footy cards/go to Auskick)’). Whatever. I’m totally on board if he decides to do any of those things, I am. But what’s incensed me today is the suggestion that if they don’t wear footy colours tomorrow, they have to come to school in uniform. Pfft to that (if it’s accurate, which, to be fair, it may not be, since I did only heard it from Finn so far). However… since he’s a small boy who’s sometimes overly concerned about doing the right thing, I’ve convinced him that since ‘footy’ also encompasses soccer/rugby/whatever else (Gaelic football, anyone?), he can get away with wearing the only piece of football paraphernalia which exists in our house – which just happens to be….

…an All Blacks hat brought back as a souvenir for Finn from NZ by my Dad.

Ahahahahaha. Take that, patriotic loyalty :giggle:

Back next time with actual photographic evidence of crafting. I swear it’s true!

PS. We can thank Dermot for getting my blog images back in operation, since I was being a complete dolt about it. Also, he provided hugs as requested. Yay for husbands.

PPS. Finn will also be wearing other clothes. Not just the hat. In case you were concerned for his welfare and my sanity!

PPPPPPS. Is 9.5 weeks too early to be breaking out the maternity gear, d’you think?! Because, damn, third pregnancies really suck in that regard!


Guess who needed a nap after a (rescheduled) day at the zoo today. (Hint: not Finn!)

Seriously. I believe ‘herding cats’ is an appropriate simile. After a few hours of what shall hereafter be known as the bums-and-poo trip to the Zoo, (because what could possibly be more fascinating to six year olds than the rear ends – and what emerges therefrom – of exotic animals?) I was completely beat. I have renewed respect for the teachers of our preppies, I can tell you that. Oh, and never so pro-uniform as today – it’s far easier to locate one’s group when all are dressed alike.

It was loads of fun, though, and the weather this time was perfect. After lunch, our class had an hour at the ‘Zoo School’ learning about ‘Feathers, Fur, Scales & Skin’. I hear that the parent helpers of other classes weren’t allowed into Zoo School, and instead took a bit of a scones-and-tea detour. Scones and tea is nice and all, but hey – we got to go in and handle snakes. Soooo much cooler! :giggle:

I’m having an easier evening. Dermot out gallivanting, kids both off to bed easily (Niamh has recently abandoned her afternoon naps, much to my distress, though it does make bedtime more enjoyable), and I’m parked under a doona enjoying my umpteenth viewing of Love Actually. I swear I don’t love it just for Alan Rickman :giggle:


We’re all going to the zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow…

Yep, I’m off to Melbourne zoo tomorrow – I’m helping out with the prep excursion. Keeping a bunch of exuberant 6 year olds in line would be, um, ‘fun’ at the best of times, but check this out:

Forecast for Monday
Rain in the morning, then showers with local hail to follow. Fresh to strong
southwesterly wind developing in the morning.

Precis: Showers. Windy.
City: Min 8 Max 12


Monday edit: Phew! Zoo trip cancelled, to be rescheduled soon. There were a lot of sad little faces, and I wouldn’t like to be the teachers keeping them inside all day!

Edit two: The cancellation, btw, pretty much guarantees that the weather will be okay after all! That Murphy bloke knew what he was on about :giggle:

Out of Uniform

Finn’s school had a dress-up day today to raise money for another local school recently damaged by fire. The theme was SUPERHEROES & CAREERS. I know. Weird combo. Don’t ask me.

Anyway, I spent yesterday on the sewing machine (pants, apron, super big toque) and today our little super hero went dressed as a chef. (Niamh decided to get in on the crazy hat action too :giggle: – told you she really liked it!)

I have another post lined up for you – almost as cute as this one – but I figure that you’d die of shock if I posted twice in one day… so you’ll just have to wait!

Term 2, Week 2

It’s difficult to get inside the brain of a 5 year old boy. Most of the time, I guess you probably wouldn’t want to! But we’re dealing with a few problems with Finn at school at the moment, and I’m just finding it so hard to help him through this. Mostly, I end up feeling I’m doing all the wrong things, and some of the time, I know that I am (see: irrational yelling, behaving worse than a child myself sometimes). After dropping him off each morning, I’m all kinds of tense for the rest of the day until I pick him up. I keep expecting school to call and ask me to pick him up because he’s done x or y. Logically, I know it’s not that bad. I know that he (mostly) has a good time once I’m gone, that a good portion of his behaviour in the morning is due to separation anxiety. Logically, I also know that he’ll eventually get over his apparent phobia of the school toilets (won’t he?!). That school won’t always feel like a prison sentence to he and I both (oh please?!)

But damn it’s hard right now.