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It is now official. Too many people I know read this blog. I am now officially self-censoring. Do you think it’s strange that it’s easier to discuss certain things with complete strangers than with friends and family? Anyway. That’s me. Strange. So I’m not going to have a big old whiney rant, because all you out there who know me would just tell me to pull my socks up and get over myself. (Probably with good reason!) So let’s just have a picture from today, before today turned to shit.

Finn… and Finn:
(photo credit: Dermot)

Now. I would like a do-over on June please. And maybe also May. And some sleep (a lot of sleep). And no more family diseases for the rest of the year.

It’s only fair.

PS. Dear Brown Owls and Owlets who we met at the Aquarium today: We did have a lovely time, honestly. 🙂 Thanks to Pip and to Suze for organizing the excursion.

PPS. Dear New Readers: I don’t usually use bad words on my blog. Much :giggle:

World’s Biggest Sook

So my weekend plans included a 30th birthday party, and a trip to Mum’s to see my sister for her birthday. And fitting some stitching around those things, with any luck to finish my seasonal exchange piece. We ended up going shopping Friday night and Saturday morning, so no stitching there. Saturday morning, I also noticed a tickle in my throat. By Saturday afternoon, it had morphed into a full blown flu-ey, cold-y thing. I rested a while, dosed up on paracetamol, and then we went to the 30th birthday party. Not such a good idea, in hindsight. Sunday I spent most of the day in bed, feverish, drifting in and out of sleep, and just being generally miserable. I don’t deal well with being sick – before Finn was born, I rarely caught a cold. I don’t believe I ever had a day off work for anything other than the occasional migraine. Now, we collectively seem to catch everything going :ouch: Anyway, happily, this lurgy seems to be going as quickly as it arrived. I’m still a bit of a misery guts, and have done little more than sit on the couch doing puzzles with Finn. He seems to have a milder dose of the same, so he’s not demanding we go to the playground, thankfully, but he’s pretty happy as long as I wipe his nose every few minutes!

I did also finally take some time this morning to learn how to do the Colonial knot. The piece I’m doing for the seasonal exchange calls for quite a few French knots, and while they don’t generally bother me, getting a bunch of them to be uniform size is not my forte. I’ve heard the Colonial knot is easier to do, and easier to reproduce. And now I can do it. It wasn’t as easy to pick up as I thought it would be though. Probably a left-handed v right-handed thing. If I’d had real problems, I could have mirror imaged the diagrams, but I did eventually get it. Now, on to finish the piece, and get it made into something before Friday (eek)!