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Pip and Loggin

Ha… lured you in with the promise of ‘fascinating’, didn’t I?! Well, maybe it’s not fascinating so much as ‘quirky’. Finn and I had a great time making sock puppets yesterday. Well, when I say we made them, I of course mean I made them. Finn was the project co-ordinator, and made all of the important colour decisions. So may I introduce to you ‘Pip’, on the left (otherwise known as the ‘trial run’, in which we discovered that glue didn’t cut it, and I was in fact going to have to use needle and thread), and ‘Loggin’, on the right, who has pointy ears “just like you Mum”! (Yes, I do indeed have a pointy ear… just one though. I must show you sometime :giggle: )

Small joys like sock puppets and a three year old boy who plays ‘pretend’ all day are helping to make my week better.

See you when I’m a ‘Master’ 🙂