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A sweet little girl called Molly came to live with us today.

Molly’s name used to be Jeanette, but a certain newly-minted three year old declared with authority as the wrapping came off today that “her name is Molly”. Just quietly, I think Molly suits her a little better, don’t you? (Also, just quietly, with Niamh’s propensity for making up wacky and unpronounceable names, it was a bit of a relief to hear just ‘Molly’!)

Molly and Niamh seem to get along just fine. There has been a lot of “Molly & Me….” action today.

Molly came with us to playgroup, where we celebrated Three with monster cupcakes, design and details of which were overseen by the creative director herself. (I am just the hired help).

I wonder how the other mothers appreciated me dosing their young ‘uns up with sugar, chocolate and coffee laden cakes? Heh.

Happy Birthday Niamh. Life just wouldn’t be the same, sweet one.