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We’re all going to the zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow…

Yep, I’m off to Melbourne zoo tomorrow – I’m helping out with the prep excursion. Keeping a bunch of exuberant 6 year olds in line would be, um, ‘fun’ at the best of times, but check this out:

Forecast for Monday
Rain in the morning, then showers with local hail to follow. Fresh to strong
southwesterly wind developing in the morning.

Precis: Showers. Windy.
City: Min 8 Max 12


Monday edit: Phew! Zoo trip cancelled, to be rescheduled soon. There were a lot of sad little faces, and I wouldn’t like to be the teachers keeping them inside all day!

Edit two: The cancellation, btw, pretty much guarantees that the weather will be okay after all! That Murphy bloke knew what he was on about :giggle:

Show & Tell

With the exception of today, Melbourne put on a lovely show of weather this week. Yesterday afternoon, while Niamh was sleeping off a bad case of the grumpies (please let it be teething, oh please let it be teething – I can’t cope if she’s going into the tantrummy-twos already), Finn and I sat under this:

Finn (with liberal amounts of help) worked on this:
I worked on this:
(which incidentally I finished off tonight, but the photos I took were a bit on the crappy side, so I’ll have another try in some decent light over the weekend).

Later, I went along to this (you can spot me in one of the pics on the blog if you squint), and I stitched on this for a bit:

Fun fun. The design is an ’06 Christmas freebie by Hillary Lang, and there is a matching boy-elf, so I’ll be stitching the pigeon pair to make up as Christmas gift bags for the kiddos. Cute, huh?

Have a great weekend – we’re off up north to celebrate Fathers’ Day with multiple fathers!

Hot and Colds

Thirty-eight degrees and I do not get along so well (that’s °C, aka 100°F). So this weekend has not been so fun. Three of them in a row!!! Yuk :yuk:

Yesterday was the worst. Hot days are even less fun when taking care of a sick and over-tired babe. Especially when feeling kind of sick yourself, and especially when the babe in question is also painfully cutting more teeth 🙁

We all came down with sniffles and sore throats over the last couple of days, probably courtesy of a certain pre-schooler. Getting a ‘cold’ in the middle of a blistering summer is really odd. The usual ‘rug up under a doona on the couch and drink chicken soup’ rule doesn’t apply. Instead all we want to do is lay about wearing as little as possible (!) and doing as little as possible.

But that was yesterday. Today, we have been much better. Niamh has returned to her favourite hot weather pastime – playing in the foot of the shower and getting thoroughly soaked. Finn has returned to… well actually, perhaps he’s not completely over it, he was super-cranky today. But we also fitted in some shopping (mostly me), some cleaning (mostly OtherHalf) and an unexpected visit from my little sister (yay!), all despite the continuing heat. Also, I made a little something. I tried to get pictures but the light was crappy so I’ll try again tomorrow. Here’s a little clue. It’s my latest colourful addiction:

Crafty Fabric Tower

Pretty, no?

Too Darn Hot

Too Hot.

Too Hot to Stitch.

Too Hot to Cook.

Too Hot to Think.

Not too hot to appreciate local celebrity eye candy this morning at the pool. (I’m 90% sure it was him – or if not, someone sharing his face, body and voice, which is fine too!)

Also not too hot to appreciate the spreading of the WordPress love. Hooray!

Forecast minimum tonight is 25°C. Gah.

Too Hot to Sleep.

Too Hot to Blog.