The Teeth that Nearly Weren’t

Sheesh! My girl. My wants-to-be-a-doctor-girl-princess-nurse-cowgirl-hippityhop girl. She’ll do anything for a bit of excitement, that one.

Right around the just-before-dinner-time-when-everyone-is-distracted time last night, Niamh decided to get from point A (armchair) to point B (blanket box) teeth-first. Owwww. There was blood, and tears and pain, but no missing teeth, and no wobbly ones, so we thought she might have escaped serious damage (let’s face it, this is not the first mouth injury Niamh has sustained – been there, done that). But this morning the swelling and angle of her top teeth suggested otherwise, so it was off to the dentist for us.


The good news is that even though the teeth have been shifted, it’s not enough for major concern – they aren’t back behind the bottom teeth, so they might even move back into position over time. The wait-and-see bit is that the dentist can’t tell us whether there has been root/nerve damage – so the teeth might still turn grey if there has. Or even have to be extracted. The thought of which makes me cry a little inside 🙁

So there’s been a bit of artwork distraction therapy this afternoon. And some dentist role-playing with the stuffed-toy collection, naturally. She’ll probably want to be a doctor-girl-princess-nurse-cowgirl-hippityhop-dentist now, I expect.



How cute is my smiley-face belly in “Mum with Niamh in her tummy”?!

9 responses to “The Teeth that Nearly Weren’t

  1. Ouch. I’m glad she didn’t loose any teeth. Hope there is no root/nerve damage.

    Her book is too cute. Love the picture of Niamh in your tummy 🙂

  2. Oh my. Even though children fall many times. it’s still a scary moment when that happens. I hope her teeth will be ok!

  3. just beautiful – so innocent and lovely. HOpe the teeth are okay.

  4. Oh Melanie… it must have broken your heart to see your girl in pain. Fingers crossed it will just be a good story, without any “proof”.

    The book is gorgeous and the smiley face is perfect.

  5. Fingers crossed that her teeth stay white! Ouch that must have hurt.

    That drawing of you with the smiling baby in your tummy is just fantastic.

  6. Im glad to hear the Teeth are okay! Love the smiling tummy too. How sweet! Nice to finally meet you last night.
    Rohans Cardie is awesome great job!

  7. Hope the tooth doesn’t turn grey! The pictures are just gorgeous.

  8. Hope all teeth resume their usual positions soon. Apparently when I was a kid I tripped up the back steps while carrying a steel can (of creamy soda) and knocked all my teeth up into my gums. (I also had a mouthful of almonds at the time and my mother thought that it was shattered teeth mixed up in all the blood in my mouth!). The teeth straightened themselves up without discolouring and all was well. I’m just left wondering who gave a three-year-old almonds and creamy soda and let her run around the backyard…?

    PS. LOVE the drawings!

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