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Petal At 20 Hours


I finished up another ten hour slot on Petal Fairy last night. (Plus about 30 minutes to finish the brown I had started in her hair). If you need to remind yourself of what she looked like before, check here.

I’m enjoying doing this in 10 hour slots. So far she’s the only WIP I’ve started timing, but it’s working well for me. It’s probably the most structured my stitching will ever get though.

Thus far, this is the only stitching I’ve done for 2006, which is somewhat disappointing. (Summer + Studying != Lots of Stitching Time 🙁 *) Not sure what’s up next. I have numerous deadlines to meet in the coming 3 weeks :yuk:

In more chocolate-egg related news, Mum found me peppermint eggs today, whoohoo! Not Cadbury though. A slightly inferior brand, who I won’t embarrass by naming. Still good, but not as good, so I’m still pouty. I was slightly cheered when I Googled ‘Cadbury Peppermint Eggs’ and Million Stitches popped up #3 in the results :giggle: For the time being I am transferring my loyalties to Turkish Delight eggs. Mmmmmmm.

* For the programmatically challenged, ‘!=’ is ‘not equals’ 😉