Birthday Bling

Heh. I typed the title quickly and it came out Birthday Blong. That sounds kind of less appealing :giggle:

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Yes, it’s true. I am now ‘in my thirties‘. Do you know, I think that sounds much older than just ‘30‘! I still feel like a babe in the woods (though I must say I think the last four months have aged me a bit).

What I wanted for my birthday: a night’s sleep and a day off. Hahahahaha. Niamh decided to wish me Happy Birthday at 11.45pm, 2.15am, 4.15am and 6.15am. Such a darling.

Here’s what I did score instead:
Birthday Bling
I must confess, I picked this out. That’s the only way to get exactly what you want, after all! Note it feeds my dragonfly habit :smile:. This has amethyst and fluorite stones on it, and as the woman who sold it to us waxed lyrical about the properties of the stones, and how I should ‘cleanse’ the stones by ‘bathing them in healing light’, I couldn’t help but think ‘yes, but I just picked it out because I think it’s pretty‘! It has a nice bit of weight to it, which I like, too.

OtherHalf, Niamh and Finn also gave me seasons 3 and 4 of Will and Grace on DVD (to go with seasons 1 and 2 from last birthday). And… what could possibly be inside here?

Only the most beautiful hand-made chocolates I have ever seen 🙂 Too stunning to eat, I think (yeah, as if!)

Also, my Dad arrived home from Canada today. He came bearing a boxload of Canadian treats – maple syrup (of course), tea, coffee, maple butter, hard and soft maple-leaf lollies(/sweets/candies – the hard ones are wonderful – think barley sugar, made with maple syrup. Yum!), chocolate, apple-saskatoon jelly (whatever a saskatoon is – sounds like some kind of bird :giggle: ), and smoked salmon ‘candy’. I don’t know about that one – fish marinated in syrup sounds a bit suspicious to me!

No special plans for tonight – I am not quite ready to leave my baby to a sitter yet. Perhaps Niamh will grant me that night’s sleep tonight instead. (I won’t hold my breath though).

Clarification: I read this again and realised it kind of sounded like I turned 30 today, but actually, I’m 31. Hence, ‘in my 30s’!

5 responses to “Birthday Bling

  1. And your Mum is dead exhausted after carting her darling doggy off for chemotherapy, and visiting her own Mum. Happy birthday any way. welcome to your 4th decade! Hahahahaha
    Wish I felt as good as the Ruby looks!

  2. Oh my goodness… while the bracelet is lovely, those CHOCOLATES! They do look almost too good to eat! *drool*

    Happy Birthday and welcome to your 30’s!

  3. Happy Birthday! The Bracelets and the Chocolates are both pretty!

  4. Actually, saskatoons are a type of berry, kind of similar to a blueberry. There’s a city in the province of Saskatchewan that’s named Saskatoon, but I don’t know if it’s named after the berries or vice versa!!

    It sounds like you had a lovely birthday and you got some wonderful gifts!! Those chocolates really do look too good to eat.

  5. Beautiful barcelet! Beautiful choclates! How nice of your dad to bring all the goodies. Happy birthday! Oh, it brings back good memories of my birthdays when my girls were babies. Two of them were just a few months old when my birthdays came around. But those were great days, now the girls are all grown up and I wonder if I will see them for my birthdays! Ha Ha…now there’s a gift!